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My boy friend is a sharp dagger. I've about 30 or 40 copies of it. They worked till now for this family. Though the house is named as Brindavanam outside, people inside are living as individuals inside, if you need any help in future, you mustn't turn to people like me, your maternal and paternal uncles and aunts must stand by you, if it has to happen, they must change, when I came here, I knew only one thing, to stop your marriage with your aunt's son, if I thought that was it, I would've done it and left by now. Youth take a turn in college

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Why is he countering me? How dare he goes to that house!

Did you see how I built your image? It means we don't like him, right?

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Did they go to farm? Invited trouble from elder uncle, if it necessary to pick up trouble from younger uncle too? Do you think she can't live without you? One punch from him and you'll die, bloody short man!

Brindavanam Movie Part 1/15 - Jr NTR, Samantha, Kajal Agarwal

I said Telengana when she asked me. Flat tyre in this village. Her name starts with Ma Like son like father!

Hey boy, dominate from beginning When will you leave? I didn't expect you'll be in trouble because of me. Let's do one thing, shall we hire your parents like you?

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Lord Krishna belongs to everyone Indu asks Krish subttles go as Bhoomi's Lover. We all joined together to raise a motherless child, but nobody could become mother to her. When are you leaving? What happened to him? That's why I've done it.

I didn't even tell her that. OKay, I'll call you tomorrow. It's moonbeam in life Hey boy, make the sky bend down for you This is not city to roam around with an unmarried girl.

Did you fall in love with such a man? Because they think they're don't have that right. Com Dear, my brother's future son-in-law.

Till now I didn't respect you with any regard, for the desire on her, ever since my teens I always thought she's mine, if you say no now, am I a eunuch to keep quiet?

You saw on the bride about people of two villages breathing fire to fight, I'm responsible for it.

Did you find that rogue? I should've understood when you scratched me. This is my family photo. We got subtitled in your eyes willingly I've never seen so many varieties of animals.