Gcode This function opens the Gcode Editor window. The Recent File List is located in the File pull down menu. After Trial Limitations include: Pre and Post zeros used in formatting numbers in the Gcode Editor.

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Its value is given in change of IPM perInch. Remove Nxx This function removes line numbersfrom all of the Gcode lines in the Gcode text box. This function will return the Jog Keys to the Numerical Keypad keys forjogging. Gerber RSX format is the only gerber format supported. Home Validation is the process of reseting the position counters by finding the limitswitches.

Keys 7,9,1,3 move the X and Y axis together. This is designed for diagnostic purposes where adjoining lines must be detected.

The plot display will be adjusted to show the wholetable. This button opens the error log file in NotePad.

This calibration data adjusts the axis velocities for accuratemotion. If the Re-Tool position is blank, the axis will remain in its current position for kvam4 toolchange. You can test the motors by using the Jog Arrowbuttons.

Enter the Lengths kcam each Axis ex. Or simplified its the computer control of machines. When both size and location sorts are selected, holes will be sorted by location first andthen size. If the file contains more than one layer, a layer selection window will appear.

When checked, the Plot window will show the CNC table in the form of a grid. The default Z axis depth for cutting with 2D imported files.


Y Scale The default axis scale value used when the Scale Gcode function isperformed. Gcode data during a DXF file import process.

This is a safety feature to avoid jogging the Z axis into the table when using JogDistances. Max Stepper Com Port: If you have a controller that has an Kam4 input, you should use it. Line sizes the same or smaller than this parameter are processed using the following functions. A Gerber RSX file has the aperture list in the file included with the line data.

When selected it will expect a trailing zero format from the datacoordinates.

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As described in the Plot section, double clicking on Gcode in the Gcode Editor window will enable the highlighting function in the Plot window. The width of the default tool bit. Cleanup Lines This option will remove some unwanted lines the polygon isolating program leaves behind. This function resets the Graphic Test Pointer to the beginning of the Gcode.

Distance Entry combo box The distance entered in this box is used for Single Step moves.

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If the Re-Tool position entry boxes are blank,those axis will not move from their currentposition. Thank you for choosing KCam. These are the maximum Feed Rates allowed per axis. This function opens the port setup window.

The Goto Data Entry box is used for entering Gcode commands to be performed whenthe Goto button is pressed.