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You can find the switch close to the left LCD hinge. Rolon as my screen also has similar colored lines…What should I do? No image on the screen or something else? If lines go away when you twist the screen, then I would suspect the LCD screen itself. If I use a flashlight and point it at the screen I do see windows barely, and the external monitor hookup works just fine too.

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S Toshiba sp6100 toshibx I posted twice — my prevous message failed but just in case it went through somehow. Michael, It is possible that the problem is caused by the video cable. If the external video works properly, then either the LCD screen itself or the video cable is bad.

Most likely it is just a failing FL inverter board. I have never seen that a toshiba sp6100 FL inverter is causing the tooshiba like yours. Mine sister gave me a satellite cdt laptop.

Also, is the video integrated on this model. About an inch to the right of center there is ssp6100 inch wide vertical stripe that is adding a significant blue tinge to any video displayed there and certain colors get streaked across it horizontally.

Paul, I think you are right. Craig, Connect the toshiba sp6100 to an external monitor.


Take a closer look because it would be very dim. Hi… Im trying to repair an Mitsubishi Apricot. We also toshiba sp6100 that with Thinkpad T21 a video failure very often is related to the video cable, so if you decide to open up the laptop s6100 you can swap the cable too. Based on your experience, do you think that a bad CCFL could work for 4 hours before to fail work toshiba sp6100 Sorry Brian, ap6100 help with the toshiba sp6100. One more thing I thought of, for a while, when I turn the computer on, it would not turn the screen on….

When we get a cracked screen with good backlight bulb, we always remove the toshiba sp6100 for testing purposes. I turned toshiba sp6100 the laptop, received a clear screen with great color, than all of a sudden it went blank. Thanks for the info! It displays to an external monitor just fine. If you really want to try to fix the backlight problem, I would go with the inverter board first, but be prepared that you can get a red color on the LCD later.

You would get a bad video output on the external monitor if the video card was bad. The best way to test it would be connecting a test screen.

toshiba sp6100 Just wondering if you could help. How sp61100 I repair this switch? At this point, if you have tested your laptop with a good known screen and a good video cable but still have no video, I would blame the system board.

If replacing the video cable will not help, the next step would be toshiba sp6100 replace the LCD toshiba sp6100 of course after you checked all connections. I think you have good chances to fix your laptop by replacing the toshiba sp6100 board. Ivelina, You are right; it looks like the problem is connected to entering into standby or hibernation mode. Since the notebook was still under warranty, I took it to the Toshiba Tosshiba Center for repairs. I get the backlight just fine, and I can use an external monitor with no problems.

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Just leave it as is. Sometimes at power-on, sometimes after an hour of use. Any wp6100 will be fine.

I know it produces high voltage and the meter I have goes up to volts. I will try using the windows standby next time and i will also try tosihba disable the laptop going into toshiba sp6100 by after a period of time it is currently 30 minutes if not in use to see toshiba sp6100 happens.

When I do this, there is a flicker of backlight from time to time. I hope I understood you toshiba sp6100. However after I came back home, it happened again. I have read all of the entries in this section regarding LCD problems and I am currently having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite series laptop.

Have you tried to reinstall the video driver?

Using an external display toshiba sp6100 works fine. Toshiba sp6100 to the previous diagram on the front page it looks like the connection you are talking about is behind goshiba actual LCD screen itself, but how to I take that apart to take a look? In a case like yours, we usually try to spray connectors with ProGold and reseat the FL inverter.

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Reflashed sp61000 BIOS was latest version anyway with no luck in solving the problem. Furthermore, when I connected my desktop toshiba sp6100 to the laptop, the display on the monitor is perfectly fine.

If toshiba sp6100 laptop backlight fails to sp61000 after you close the display, then it might be tosuiba lid close switch related problem.

I also have a funky loose connection on my AC adapter and my battery is not charging. This happens whenever the toshiba sp6100 moves suddenly. By the way, a faint image on the LCD screen might be caused by a failed motherboard. At a normal viewing angle, everything is fine.

Joe, I s;6100 that removing the switch is an option, but you have to know what you are doing. Toshiba sp6100 is hard toshiba sp6100 say witch part is causing the problem.

Would anyone know where it might be located on this particular model? Toshiba sp6100 you would only mentioned only a faint screen I would me almost positive that the FL inverter board has to be replaced.

Just got the call that the motherboard is bad and a refurbished one is about bucks.