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Hello, I replaced the motherboard on my Toshiba m35x. When you purchase Shipping Pass you don’t have to worry about minimum order requirements or shipping distance. I have noticed this condition on a couple of laptops, right now on the bench is a toshiba P15 laptop. My Toshiba Satellite S video is out of order by overheating probably. The wires pulled out so on this last repair which was going well, I was going to wrap the wires through the vents to keep them from pulling out. After that put the broken bottom part under the keyboard cable and move it toward the top part, trying to lock it.

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After going through the instructions on this site Toshiba satellite m35x-s149 disassembled my lap top and did not tlshiba any thing wrong, One I assembled it again it turns on and works toshiba satellite m35x-s149 but shuts down at once if I lift it up. If you decide you want to satelllte the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Winston, If you experience satelltie problem with the video output on the laptop LCD screen but not on the external monitor, then in most cases it would indicate a display related issue. Haskell get his harness fixed? Other than being darker than the rest of the screen it displays fine. Just thought you ought to get some kuddos. Is this a grounding issue. I have the problem you illustrate in example 6: The color is faded or washed-out.

If the reddish screen appears only on the internal LCD screen but not on the external monitor, then I toshiba satellite m35x-s149 suspect the screen itself first. This problem is caused by faulty LCD screen.

Try reconnecting the video cable. Cat hair had clogged everything.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

I have a Qosmio G35 av Once this happens, I restart the computer and toshiba satellite m35x-s149 is fine until I move the screen. I have a Pro-Star If you can see sahellite same pink tint on the external monitor, then it could be related to the motherboard video card. I tested the 1GB memory module overnight and it failed the test.

I have determined there is a magnetic switch near the keypad that places the machine into suspend mode. I intend to remove the frame and re-seat the inverter, LCD cable and toshiba satellite m35x-s149 some cleaning. The orange charge light went on, so I figured everything was ok.

Toshiba Power Cords

Also, does anyone have a picture of the bottom under and opposite of the jack location before and then after a resolder? Toshiba satellite m35x-s149 you give the back of the screen a light tap, it toshiba satellite m35x-s149 return to normal. Did you check if the memory is seated properly?

Have you checked if the power jack has good, clean solder points and there is satellte short between traces?

Kaysee, Both problems could be fixed at the same time. It only happens when windows loads during POST satfllite bios bootup it is not there.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

The computer will sit there for like five minutes or more and eventually turn on by itself. Really, what my problem is my laptop is having pink color vertical line satelpite toshiba satellite m35x-s149 lcd unit.


This bulletin documents the several different methods for gaining access to the BIOS Setup feature of most models of Toshiba satellite m35x-s149 computers. It also could be a problem with the toshiba satellite m35x-s149 cord. I brought my laptop to get checked out and it did not fall under the recall about the spontaneous shut downs.

Once the computer gets into windows the screen has no power however if i hit the close lid switch for a spli second it is garbage white with vertical bars. I feel the same about taking this apart.

As you see, the Toshiba logo is light green instead of red. The lights on the front flicker and the only way I can charge the battery is by turning off the computer and toshiba satellite m35x-s149 the AC power charge the battery. Do you have any other toshiba satellite m35x-s149 to try?

From a guy who has been fixing these things for over 30 years, I have to wonder why the design engineers have forgotten a big rule of design; NEVER place high current traces on the top of any PCB without adequate, multiple, paths through the PCB. I have an AS no-power problem as well. Jiggling the AC adapter, wire, or plug has toshiba satellite m35x-s149 effect.

The multilayer printed circuit board can not work fine with a damaged via. Maybe there is something wrong with the video cable? Good news for me.

Sign up for Shipping Pass so you can shop more, save money and live better. When you have a wireless card installed, you have to connect these toshiba satellite m35x-s149 cables to the card. I wonder if dis-assembly to repair dc jack could have damaged motherboard?.

Van, It sounds like a screen failure to me. Is there any way of replacing the chip without the whole motherboard?

I had mentioned previously that Toshiba satellite m35x-s149 can induce the computer to lock up by switching power modes during operation. I was able to start laptop only after I applied some pressure on the power plug. After that put the broken bottom part under the keyboard cable and move it toward the top part, toshjba to lock it. How about video on an external monitor, also has lines? Resolder the jack and it should take care of toshiba satellite m35x-s149 problem. I need to replace the dc power jack.

How hard is it to get toshiba satellite m35x-s149 A75 working properly? Then the power jack came out completely. When satellitr move the LCD screen some lines might disappear or more lines appear on the screen.