Skipper and skeeto tales from paradise park

Magic Trying to find an elusive item that might be cunningly hidden in any one of the locations is a challenge. And it's a hunt that's all good fun in this brightly coloured land consisting of 48 locations and a host of creatures to interact with. Go N Take the strawberries. Place the light on his head. Go S Go S Give the strawberries to the frog.

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Hunt down the park residents, find out what they have lost, and then hunt down the relevant items to keep them happy.

Take the step the viper left. This entry was posted in Game QuickiesGame reviewGamer's ThoughtsGaming HistoryPersonal and tagged 98actingadventureandCharacterchildrencomputersentertainmentfirstflyforfromgamegameplaygamesgaminghumongousivanoffJonezjonezjonezjealikelookingmainmemoriesmosquitomousenekoNekoJoneznostalgiaobsureoldonparadiseParkquickyratskeetoskippertalesvoicewindows 3.

Hope you enjoyed the walk through! In order to earn more magic points and get some handy help, the player can take a book from the shelf and play a game.

Find the small hole in the wall. To get to know me better, you should come on my blog. Go E Ekipper N Wait for the rat to finish his speech.

Click the hole in the tree. I wish I played more entries in the series or even bought more of them, since they are now quite rare and unrated.

Watch where the lid lands.

Molly Mouse

Drag the pie onto Skipper. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Drag the torch onto Skipper. Although magic points are collected up for every completed quest, they are not sufficient to buy many hints.

Skipper and Skeeto: Tales from Paradise Park Walkthrough by

There is something they need in the closet - and the fly has the key. I really should do that and write a sort of quick review of this game. Go W Go W Drag the can onto the litter bin. Take the letter inside. Go N Take the strawberries.

Take the trousers from the right lower side of the screen. While the boxed anr is extremely hard to find, the more common version you would find in Belgium is actually a version that was given away for free with a Dutch magazine for females.

You will now automatically be taken to the path. If you have missed use F5 and restore your game.

Drag the glasses onto the owl. Hunt down the park skpper, find out what they have lost, and then hunt down the relevant items to keep them happy. It's a pixie hat. You are commenting using your WordPress. She tells them that the wicked witch has hidden it somewhere in Paradise Park and that if Skipper and Skeeto seek out all the animals that live in the park and help them to find their lost items, then they in turn will help to prise the wand from the clutches of the wicked witch.

Gaming Nostalgia: Skipper and Skeeto 1 – Tales from paradise park | NekoJonez's Gaming Blog

Rubin the Rabbit has lost his trousers, Bessie Bee needs a pail for her honey, Murray the Monkey wants some music, and there's sure to be something useful in the tree house if the five missing rungs of the ladder can be found.

You can go E and back again till he is in.

Notify me of new posts via email. Drag the mirror on the duck when he has stated what he's missing.

Skipper and Skeeto - The Paradise Park Prowler

Go E through the hole in the wall Take the bugle from the left side of the picture. Click on the elephant's head. You are commenting using your Twitter account.