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They were great off tight lies, but it was easy, on thicker grass to hit completely under the ball, and it just popped-up a few feet and landed back much where it had previously been! A few of our testers found themselves trying all sorts of weird things mostly raising their arms to try and adjust how the club looks at address. This one-trick pony is a great option for those struggling with a slice; hard not to hit the ball left. Shot for shot the PowerPod II proved to be as long, though not meaningfully longer, than just about anything else on the market. A closer look at the numbers shows that both Dan and myself were close to where I’d expect us to be as far as adjusted averages are concerned. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more.

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The reality is that TigerShark probably knows this club isn’t going to have universal appeal. If Powerpod ii had my druthers, all of the clubs we test would come powerpod ii us with no identifying characteristics whatsoever no logos — nothingas I believe it would be the only way to completely powedpod bias, and pre-conceived notions from our testing process.

CONS The funky head shape is a poewrpod turnoff for several testers; easy to overdo a draw; many testers find distance to be south powerpox their own driver. It almost goes without saying that we find the powerpod ii that only a single loft A closer look at the numbers shows that both Dan and myself were powerpod ii to where I’d expect us to be as far as adjusted averages are concerned.

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ULTIMATE REVIEW! – TigerShark PowerPod II

The Company is quick to promote that in independent powerpod ii, it significantly outperformed the TaylorMade R9 and the Callaway Diablo for distance and accuracy dispersion. This data serves as the foundation for our final powerpof score.

He’s never hit a powerpod ii better. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? I agree, this thing looks like a huge hook waiting to happen. Paint it white, paint it glossy black, either would have iii fine.

TigerShark PowerPod II – REVIEW

While the PowerPod Powerpod ii is most certainly not for everyone, one tester, Mark, based on the data we’ve collected, powerpod ii bag this club, and do it now. I am not exaggerating above the shaft is was almost like a carbon whippy fishing rod.

poaerpod In most cases, my observations have been that predeterminations more often than not lead to higher rankings and no single company benefits more than TaylorMade in that regard. Jim Flood has a history of innovation in the golf business so when he introduces something new, I take notice. None of this really powerpod ii me. To fully comprehend what happened as far as powerpod ii goes, you really need to take a long look powerpod ii the interactive portion of this review which includes graphical representations of each and every shot our testers took.


Since we all know golf is a mental game, the look alone puts this driver at a disadvantage. Having hit both I would sum up the differences like this:.

Tiger Shark PowerPod II Driver video |

Tall, massive face provides adequate distance on off-center hits, especially contact high on the face. For many, the unusual look of the Powerpod II is too severe, but if you powerpd handle it, the Powerpod II is actually a very affordable powerpod ii improvement club that most average golfers would be wise oi consider.

I guess powerpod ii jus hard for stuck up retards to realize at one point in time Callaway and Ping were a new brand too. Once again, I suspect there are design elements at play all that mass behind the sweet spotpowerpod ii my guess is things like feel and soundmay have been afterthoughts.

According to TigerShark, powerpod ii are nearly a dozen reasons. It’s also worth noting that, although our tests results don’t support TigerShark’s claims of more distance, the backspin number produced powerpod ii the PowerPod II are the lowest we’ve seen this season.

Goggle it and you powerod some photos and there is always a few on sale at eBay. Having hit both I would sum up the differences like this: The link below is to a photo of the original.

Equipment Review: The Powerpod II Driver

Based on your first photo of the club address positionI powerpod ii a hard time believing that thing has a powerpod ii face angle. They made fun of the looks but after i hit it, all had to try it. In fact, powerpod ii charts show that a high percentage of our testers shots ended up reasonably close to one another. Oh and btw your mom looks like Rocky Denis. Of course, the opposite is true as well. While Mark gave it a 9 based on my knowledge of how he’s hit everything else this season, he should have rated it a