Zemfira spid

The little girl is her younger self, weeping for her own destiny. He turns out to be homicidal and pushes her over a cliff. All those valuable hours wasted! My only clue is listen to the joyous chorus:

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Good solid Red Army fare.

Old Zemf has some nice-enough, tuneful songs, but I think I need to get Russian pop out of my life. Certainly warn her if she plans to embark on a trip to the former SU. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The price of modern celebrity. Although old Zemf is known zemfiraa not singing the dimmest songs on the planet. Bren, where is your Russian soul? Well, spid, the title of the song, means AIDS. Oh bloody hell, rupert got there not only first but much cleverer than me. All those zemfia hours wasted!

Or have others told you the same thing? What is Zemfira saying? It seems we are having communication difficulties—a bit like this music video.

It is a song about escape from society, from mama, from the neighbours, from the prison cell of conformity. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Every moment spent there is a moment of pleasure. So there is hope for us all. Mangonel, Sid think you might be on to something with the little girl being her younger self. You can be as loquacious or laconic as you like.

Zemfira - SPID (СПИД) lyrics + English translation (Version #2)

Wynders, I think the moral of the story is not to blog youtube videos of Russian pop-stars. So, when will you tell zemfora what it means?

I forgot you now need to give your password 80 times for every transaction, so uploaded the bastard from youtube and then sat waiting for it to appear.

How Did This Happen? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Surely it is about the disease.

SPID (СПИД) (English translation)

semfira Indeed, the video that goes with the music is unexpected in its quality of shit. I have no idea. Dezik, this is fantastic! What a joyous celebration of youth…. Someone in Russia — a French person, not a Russian — tried to convince spir it was a great love song. Or maybe the beauty of Rusky music? Notify me of new comments via email. Oh, the exquisite pain of it all! Reliving parts of my youth.

Zemfira, spid & the Russian soul quiz | BiB

zenfira Now, watch this videofrom Russian pop queen Zemfira, carefully making sure not to look at any of the comments that other youtubers have left, if they appear, and then tell me what the song is about.

And all without looking at any previous posts. Mind I am the first actually to propose an answer.