But, like many things in the Internet, generations come and go at ever increasing speed. Each of these n controlled vocabularies is an ontology with approximately k terms. Hi Jamshaid, Thank you for the nice comments. This last version included references to about 19 K places, 26 K organizations, 13 K persons, and 28 K business-related things.

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It is organized primarily by Wikipedia's category system and includes individual pages. The Cleveland Clinic has used Cyc to develop a natural language query interface of biomedical information, spanning decades of information on cardiothoracic surgeries.

We also found in our view major modeling issues in how Cyc handles events v actions v situations. The Cyc project has been described as "one of the most controversial endeavors of the artificial intelligence history".

The project was started in July, as the flagship project of the person Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporationa research consortium started by two dozen large United States based corporations "to counter a then ominous Japanese effort in AI, the so-called " fifth-generation " project. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I have a simple question for you and would like to hear your point of you on this. Reg, Jamshaid Ashraf, PhD.

OpenCyc Resources

The objective of the Cyc project was to codify, in machine-usable form, the millions of pieces of knowledge that compose human common sense. Ambitious Artificial Intelligence Project Operatin I continue to poencyc that semantic technologies are enabling, not an end point, which also make best sense in knowledge-oriented not just data retrieval!

Increasingly, however, work at Cycorp involves giving the Cyc system the ability to communicate with end users in natural languageand to assist with the ongoing knowledge formation process via machine learning and natural language understanding. The knowledge base was released under the Apache License. So, it is with sadness and regret that I bid adieu to OpenCyc.

For over a decade, Glaxo has used Cyc to semi-automatically integrate all the large hundreds of thousands of terms thesauri of pharmaceutical-industry terms that reflect differing usage across companies, countries, years, and sub-industries. These capabilities exist today in real world applications[3][4].

I tested OpenCYC three years ago while working for a startup that did semantic t | Hacker News

This is a variation of Learning by Teaching. The main point of releasing OpenCyc was to help AI researchers understand what was missing from what they now call ontologies and knowledge graph s.

InCyc resources were mapped to many Wikipedia articles, [14] potentially easing connecting with other open datasets like DBpedia and Freebase. There have been over successful applications of Cyc; [20] listed here are a few mutually dissimilar instances:.

Pharma vocabulary varies across countries, sub- industries, companies, departments, and decades of time.

Another large effort at Cycorp is building a suite of Cyc-powered ontological engineering tools to lower the bar to entry for individuals to contribute to, edit, browse, and query Cyc. Rick Perry has said he will no longer wear cowboy boots, which some believe is part of an attempt to soften his gunslinging image as he considers another run for president. The knowledge is stored as statements in mathematical logic, suitable for computer understanding and reasoning.

But, like many things in the Internet, generations come and go at ever increasing speed. For example, Cyc knows that as a default parents love their children, when you're made happy you smile, taking your first step is a big accomplishment, when someone you love has a big accomplishment that makes you happy, and only adults have children.

Each microtheory is a first-class object in the Cyc ontology; it has a name that is a regular constant; microtheory constants contain the string "Mt" by convention. Robin Hansona professor of economics at George Mason University, gives a more balanced analysis: Douglas Lenat and Alan Kay publicized this need, [1] [2] [3] and organized a meeting at Stanford in to consider the problem; the back-of-the-envelope calculations by them and colleagues including Marvin MinskyAllen NewellEdward Feigenbaumand John McCarthy indicated that that effort would require between and person-years of effort, hence not fit into the standard academic project model.

From to I have considered at various times writing one or more articles on the differences we came to see with OpenCyc, but felt it was perhaps snarky to get into these differences, given the different purposes of our systems. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It was made available for Linux and Microsoft Windows. Thanks for a good ride! Wikipedia has tens of thousands of people making connections and updating the resource, where opencyc relies more on scripts.