Ascent to Delfi peak Delfi's pyramid raises right in the middle of Evia. Yellow slopes of sulfur, red from the oxides, gray from the volcanic materials, along with small tunnels and huge rocks. A systematic field work resulted in 24 hiking routes and points of interest.

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Santorini iOS and Santorini Android. Commented with knowledge and photographed with passion, landscapes, plants and animals emerge to assist the hiker in identifying the key toponavigatoe of a friendly and very rich nature. Kythnos landscape is still unspoiled by tourism, and both the villages and local people offer the rare experience of old times. Toponavigator: Stores

Further on, you will admire a color palette: See the detailed description of the route here. Faster program loading and response.

Two small craters from which fumes and hydrogen sulfide still emerge!

Numerous new spatial analysis tools like Voronoi and Triangulation diagrams for any type of data and map feature, Convex hull of any type of data, minimum spaning tree etc.

Viewshed algorithm visual impact analysis using numerous real-world parameters.


December 19, at Wild, totally isolated, with many subjective and Located near the Sounion peninsula, southern Attica, it is also one of the most ea A small but toponafigator upgrade to Santorini topoguide app. Toponavigator GIS provides many advanced tools for data import, export and management. Dozens of visitors of Crete, including several families with children, cross the gorge every day this time of year. Topoguide AnaDigit added 3 new photos.

Follow this trek along with your family -it is very easy and pleasant! A systematic field work resulted in 24 hiking routes and points of interest. New terrain representation engine based on detailed 30m cell-size Digital Elevation Model; offers real-time shaded relief generation with adjustable elevation-zones color palette, relief-slope combination and aspect analysis. Sougia - Agia Roumeli One of the most emblematic hikes in Crete!

One of the most emblematic hikes in Crete! Six user profiles adjust information prioritization, density and symbology to create more readable thematic maps. Triantafyllos Adamakopoulos added 2 toponavkgator photos. Kythnos is one of the most interesting islands of Cyclades.

New topological analysis toolbox offers easy polyline intersection, smart multi-lines union, append shape to polygon, split polygon, clip line to polygon, network errors analysis etc. Major differences over the HOME version include: Today we uploaded several toponavogator and the description of the Imbros gorge crossing, the 33rd route of Lefka Ori topoguide app.

The ascent to the m summit, via the windy southern face, is a striking The chapter on toponavogator natural environment is particularly extensive: Sections of this page. Topoguide AnaDigit January 1 at 1: More on our webpage: TopoNavigator AnaDigit shared a link.

Also, dozens of points of interest were added and the maps were updated.

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