Dosbox frontend reloaded 0.9.3

I'm surprised you have to turn the detail level down. I no longer bother with front-ends and just use simple custom batch files to run any games through DOSBox. Dragging program files to the D-Fend Reloaded program window will open the new profile wizard with the chosen file.

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The tray icon has a context menu for direct starting and adding of profiles.

You can choose to temporary disable the screensaver when DOSBox is running. Racing forums moved to SimHQ Motorsports web site. For the fist time D-Fend Reloaded brings installation support for making the installation of new games even more easily. The function that builds the autoexec commands to run the game now also looks on mounted CDs for a path to the file and when there are overlapping mounts it will use the shortest path instead of the first matching path.

The view conf file option will use the default txt editor instead of always using notepad.

Dosbox frontend reloaded 0.9.3 download

Althogether D-Fend Reloaded now has more than auto setup templates. Now you frontenc choose to use the game filesnames or the folder names as names for the new profiles when scanning the games folder for new games. This will make the usage of portable installations easier because less files in the main program main directory will make finding the DFend.

Default package If you do not know exactly with of the following packages you want to download, take the following package: When I installed 0. Some more fine tuning to the way setup files are detected when importing plain archive files. The import conf file function now trys to make mount records from the mount commands of the autoexec section. When changeing multiple profiles, creating installers etc. Option to open the capture folder in the Explorer right from the context menu of the capture viewer area.

Setting the font properties for the preview area now will also apply to the notes text input field.

New options "retry" and "ignore" when files are protected when deinstalling games. Now the game information data reader will remember which fields have been activated and which have be unchecked. A warning message will appear if you try to run a game from a profile made for some other game. When adding new profiles via the profile editor needed mounting records can be added automatically now.

My version appears to be 0. The little arrow shows up in the Controller screen when I select throttle but it doesn't sense the movement. Number of starts of the profile.

Again some improvements to the long to DOSBox short file name converter thank you to skatz. New program icon and logo made by burnsflipper, the designer of the original D-Fend logo. In the setup dialog in full mode. The installation support functions mounts the source media as A: Default command line parameter values for the external packers relosded and arj32 are included now.

Dosbox frontend reloaded download

That was an old issue, it's great to see it finally fixed. About 50 new auto dosbpx templates. Additionally the icon manager will show icons added by copying them to the icons folder immediately.

The games list can now be sorted by any column just by clicking the column header. Now also images from the games data folder can be used in screenshot mode in the games list.

I noticed in options I could change a few of the directories, but there is still other information being cached fosbox the C: You can also create portable installations by selecting "Custom installation" and then "Portable mode" in the installer. The DOSBox png screenshots can be saved as jpeg, gif or bmp image files now.