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To view the posted documents in the Document Entry screen: If any differences are displayed, you need to find these differences and correct them. To Process Multi Currency Documents all you will have to do is to 1. Retrieved from " https:

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So what is an Open Source Software? This screen will list all the transactions Receipts turbocaash Payments Journals batches for the selected cashbook for the selected period.

Where no accurate information is kept, things quickly get out of hand. Click on the Reconciliation icon to generate 55 bank reconciliation report.

The accounting periods are used to generate reports on the transaction data. You need to exit this screen and enter the unmarked items or bank statement transactions in the cashbook as follows: You may then at any time generate a host of reports to manage your financial activities.

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You may create a Set of Books for any entity for which you wish to manage and monitor its financial activities. O BoxLusaka — Zambia Email: Train local customers on how to use and manage the software and systems that we provided to them turbcoash improve their businesses For more information about Nchitonet Dot Com and other services and products please visit our turboocash on www. The activities are usually measured over a financial year.

You also need to set the Cost of Sales settings for your Stock Items.

Windows Mac Linux Mobile. This source document will, once updated posted to the ledger, record the purchases in the stock ledger, the stock control account in the general ledger and the creditors account in the creditor's ledger.

It does not matter which system you are using. Purchase, Supplier Returns and Orders. The rest of the fields are optional, but it is recommended that you fill in as much details as possible.

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Post the batch to the ledger For each transaction, you need a source document from which you will enter the basic information turboccash a Batch Entry screen.

This program allows you to set up your accounting system quickly and then adjust it according to your own requirements.

You may also enter any transactions such as bank charges and interestwhich are listed in your bank statement, but do not appear in your cashbook. The information will be reflected on reports and the defaults or settings will be used to enter, process and to report on turbodash data.

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Its core functions are a general ledger, posting transactions into accounts, and producing financial reports. Skip to main content.

You may change the sequence of the document lines. Creditor Accounts Edit Screen Click on the OK button to save your changes and close exit this screen.

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Archived from the original on 25 July Log In Sign Up. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. The amount will change to the selected mode, and will be displayed in the transaction section, as well as at the bottom of the Document Entry screen. These business activities can briefly be illustrated in the following diagram: You will only be limited to the tufbocash of transactions until your program is correctly registered.

Any business activity, which has a financial implication, constitutes a transaction. The information of each transaction is kept in the "transact table". Retrieved 29 August