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Good luck in your journey. Scrum is empirical and your process evolves as you learn and adapt. I usually keep up with this stuff, but I had heard nothing about this and the only official ScrumBOK I know of is a short guide written by the two founders a few years back. I put my comment under my name. I am now passing consistently by

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November 04, I still say there is NO such thing as best practice in agile, much like kaizen you have to accept that no process is ever complete or ever perfect Regarding your "practical experiance, Please login or join to subscribe to this item.

Put your name on your post so we all know who you are. Jun 10, 1: This review is completely inaccurate and unethical, and should be removed by Amazon for the following reasons: How Tridibest got it removed:.

Jan 31, 9: I put my comment under my name.

You should read this - http: Amazon reviews were being gamed. SBOK is huge, and difficult to read, but it is a fully fleshed out and complete system.

No worries, here are the facts: I wanted to post the whole exchange to place it all in context, and if anything, what this indicates to me is that due to the explosion of certifications and everyone wanting to jump on the standards bandwagon to make a quick buck that we are going to see more of this unfortunately.

It is intentionally non-descriptive because the process that works for one team won't work exactly the same for another.

Scrum is empirical and your process evolves as you learn and adapt.

Studied from all angles, the is a money making scheme that should be avoided by those who understand the basis of agility, empiricism, and lean thinking.?? Jul 12, Jun 10, So how do you choose the right certification provider? First, I was impressed by the size. Even the first few pages are enough to make your skin crawlit looks more like a skinned version of Prince 2 with Scrum terms thrown in to make it look all pretty and agile, when it completely moves away from empiricism.

The SBOK? Looks like anyone can create a PM standard these days!

It tells you not just the minimum required for Scrum to function, but gives you stepping off points for learning how to do each step. And look for some other useful resources which do not abuse scrum concept. Thanks all for providing valuable feedback especially Chris who started this thread. Thank you for sharing such information. - The SBOK? Looks like anyone can create a PM standard these days!

The beginning of the sbom of Agile? Singlehandedly, he attempts to turn Scrum into a formulaic methodology that can be used without thought or empiricism.

Had his friends write more positive reviews. Why the concept of iteration in Agile is shortsighted. Should Scrum just go away?

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If you take the SBOK with a very small grain of salt as just a bunch of suggestions, that would be fine; but taking the info and applying it because the book says to do so is not the best idea. Yep, ScrumStudy is a bogus organization. Last guie ScrumStudy tried to register these two trademarks, regardless of the fact that we have been using them since