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The aim of this tutorial is to teach you how to set up and configure JComments on your Joomla website. Supports RSS-feeds for comments on any material or for all comments. Display 12 30 60 Allow to edit own comments - This option allows you to give permission to users in selected group to edit their own comments.

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Break up words with more letters than - This option jcommebts words longer than a certain length into pieces so they do not disturb the comments layout.

Separate words by comma. Functionality It works well; however, too much spam. As a matter of fact, you do not have to configure your web Allow publishing any comments - This option allows you to give permission to selected user group to publish any comments. Ease of use Easy to install, easy to administer, looks good on the page even with default settings. Functionality This is a nice product.

JComments Plugin

Here you can see important settings that allow you to control display of different elements for different user groups. The rights to use this feature are set in Permissions tab separately for each user group.

Extend Social Share buttons via Custom Tag. Comments per page — This option allows you to set the number of comments displayed on one page. Possibility to display comments page by page and custom view of page numbers position.

JComments, by smart - Joomla Extension Directory

The detailed integration manuals can be found in JComments integration to third-party components. It is really good to visit your website and learn informative. New comments Post new comments - This permission allows users from a selected user group to post new comments.

Ease of use This is a nice product. To learn how to install the component, access another article: To disable this feature, set time to 0.

Firstly, it takes a few minutes to recover the changes, and secondly, the developers do not update their product too often. Comment List Layout — This option allows you to render comment list either as a tree or as a flat layout. Permission JComments settings - Permissions tab Here you can see important settings that allow you to control display of different elements for different user groups.

Enable quick moderation — This option allows you to enable or disable quick comments moderation function in notifications to administrator. Autopublish — Check this option to allow new comments to appear automatically jcokments selected user group.

Template, editor, and other extensions Migrating from Joomla 1. Posted on 11 May Display 12 30 60 This limitation is necessary in order for the authors to be able to unsubscribe from notifications. In administration panel you can set up for each user group including unregistered their rights to different functions of the component.

JComments Plugin

Disabled, Unrequired, Required for all. If the field is set to Disabled or the user did not fill it before sending the comment, the comment will be displayed with the name Guest. After plugin install and configuration it allows to assign points for different user actions comments posting, jcommenhs for comment or posting reports for administrator about incorrect comments. By working with this site, you agree to our use of cookies necessary to keep the settings you select, as well as for the normal operation of Google services.

Adds jcommengs additional tab with comments list to user profile. Administrators can receive notifications to review comments before publishing them. One of the best Photoshop videos I have found.

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