Compaq Presario V Series: Have just one problem. I also have a overheating issue and my wireless seems to shut down whenever it feels like it and i have to use the trouble shooter to get it to work again. Like Micheal i also did destroyed the webcam cable and and power button board so now i cant turn on the laptop. And most of all, brought teamwork to the family.

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I have managed to turn on the laptop but there is no display the cables are connected. Can you tell me which copper shim i can use for the Compaq presario cq50-210us

Can anyone tell me the order? Outside of removing my HDD this is my 1st time opening up my pc.

First, test the AC adapter. Hi I need the color order of the webcam plug looking down at it starting from closes to the LCD screen, wires Red, white, and 2 blacks, Presaeio think the order is Red, White, Compaq presario cq50-210us, and Black… But not sure, they got cq50-210u out of the plug… Thanks.

The directions were brilliant and I got it apart OK but am having trouble getting the keyboard and plastic cover to go back on properly — please help! CPU is not seated properly or not locked in the socket. Thanks for the guide, made disasembling the system much easier. I do this work on the side, partly for fun, partly for a little extra cash. My Lenovo has an ckmpaq cover and it only takes one minute compaq presario cq50-210us open and replace the fan.

And the laptop works fine. There was almost a full wig of dust stuck to the presrio and under the motherboard. I only have one quick question. It should be the same as I show at the end of the guide, located on a power harness. It just shredded when I was trying to remove it from the motherboard.

It was lightly dropped or so compaq presario cq50-210us previous owner said and I believe him.

cq50-20us Toshiba Satellite M20 Compaq presario cq50-210us Ensure that it is properly seated in the two slots that hold it to the case. What l want to know is does anybody know if it needs to soldered onto the motherboard on the Compaq presario cq50-210us We are located in Denver Colorado and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers since All you need to do is force air back through the cooling fins towards the fan to dislodge the dust buildup.

A few thoughts that may be useful for adding to it. Thanks compaq presario cq50-210us the very useful info. If power cuts off, you need a new AC adapter. Connor, Cq50-2110us was wondering if you can get zif replacements? I have a g50 I changed the motherboard but the screen remains black and all I I hear is the fan.

Thanks first, for a compaq presario cq50-210us uesful guide — my laptop fan burn out and the laptop kept shutting down. Is that enough to unseat the CPU?

How to disassemble Compaq Presario CQ50 CQ60 CQ70 – Inside my laptop

As they are now, they look like the closeup above. Their size is 20 mm x 20 mm x 1. No dust anywhere now.

Replacing the motherboard on some laptops is not cost effective. D Emachines E Series: My sons CQ60 became very very hot. Excuse a questionI have to replace the speaker has enough left to get to step 16 to make compaq presario cq50-210us replacement? In my laptop I had both: You can test it with a voltmeter. The stupid webcam cable sucks! Dave B, I did test it with a good charger and it still did not turn on when it was plugged in. This jack compaq presario cq50-210us not compatible with IdeaPad S cq50-21u0s S models.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario CQ50 CQ60 CQ70

I just used your instructions to replace the motherboard on my hp G Many thanks my friend, I appreciate this alot. This is done so the sockets on the left side of the MB come cleanly compaq presario cq50-210us of the case holes. Would you advise that I keep the headphones in? Little temperature drop would indicate a clogged radiator.

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