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The required material data is derived from standard constant temperature fatigue and creep tests. Uses logical functions to extract channels from a test. ANSYS nCode DesignLife contains the most up-to-date methods and simulation tools to make predicting fatigue life as accurate and easy as possible.

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ANSYS is passionate about pushing the limits of its world-class technology, so our customers can turn their design concepts into successful, innovative products. This approach substantially reduced engineering costs and helped E-Z-GO get the new design into production faster. DesignLife uses this data to calculate an appropriate SN curve for each calculation point and orientation.

The following licenses are grouped together and pulls additional 30 HWU license units.

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Writes out time series data type. Enabled via MPI message passing interface ncodr that is integrated with the? Enables data to be written out, external program run and data read back in. Also performs logical operations to identify regions of interest.

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In use by major OEMs and their suppliers around the world, DesignLife is the easiest to use, most powerful designoife flexible CAE fatigue and durability software on the market. Accesses Histogram data type.

The advanced technology behind ANSYS includes hundreds of new, advanced features that make it easier, faster and less costly for organizations to bring new products to market. The preliminary decision cycle fatigue curves with the control rated voltage.

ANSYS nCode DesignLife

Suitable for a wide range of problems, including low-cycle fatigue with the control of the elastic-plastic deformations. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Reads data in and runs external program.

DesignLife integrates advanced CAE analysis and signal processing tools within a simple-to-use graphical workflow environment. Python scripting can also be used to add new or proprietary methods.

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Writes out multi-column data type. Based on the results of the finite element analysis, fatigue life estimation and durability testing, the new utility vehicle frame design was released for production.

These additional thread licenses are returned at the end of the run. This method has particular application for finite element analysis where the temperature and stress variation is closely correlated, for example where a transient visco-elasto-plastic analysis has designlifs performed.

Converts time series to multi-column data.

The analysis of the fatigue life, depending on desivnlife level of stress Stress Life The analysis of the fatigue life design depending on the level of stress. Sign in Register Need help? This option also provides a separate glyph for creep analysis from time series data of stress and temperature see below.

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You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Combines channels from two to 16 tests. Python scripts can be used to create new or improve existing methods for assessing the fatigue life. Home Shopping Cart Contact Us. If an individual enduser invokes multiple instances of the DesignLife base bundle for concurrent execution on multiple CPU-cores, then 50 HWUs will be drawn for each concurrent invocation. These HWUs will be returned to the Altair license server within 2 minutes from when the DesignLife session is terminated.

Requires Stress-Life Solver option. An analysis of the fatigue life depending on the strain Strain Life Possibility of predicting the fatigue life based on an analysis of local deformations in the structure.

Performs creep calculation for time in hours to rupture. Anime Subtitle Indonesia Free!!! See how our customers are using our software: