Interested in a Product Demo or Training Services? You can download the attachments and open them in any browsers and your wires will function. Peter Weiss has over 25 years experience leading successful branding and integrated marketing programs for both Fortune and start-up companies worldwide.

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Team members and clients can then collaborate on its evolution with real-time comments, ideas, and decisions. Mary's College of California.

All Plans Include a Free 30-day Trial.

Web appcollaborative software. The appropriate app version appears in the search results. During your free day trial, you can upgrade or switch your ProtoShare plan at any time. Make Decisions Having feedback in one location allows you to mark topics with decisions and resolutions.

Even if fewer users want to use the app than your Atlassian product license, the two licenses should match exactly. If you download the attachments, you can open the wires up in any browser and they will still function. They can add comments but they cannot create or edit wireframes and prototypes.

Upgrading plans after the free trial period will result in an immediate pro-rated charge for the billing period in which you upgrade.

Steve Gray Steve Gray is a technology consultant who helps marketing clients realize true innovation. Prices Prices are per month or per year, as applicable, and are billed at the beginning of the term.

Corporate Information

Fixed in this release Fixed an issue where delete all dialog would not close prootoshare complete. Web-based; no software to download Create low-to-high fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes for web, mobile and tablet Online Service works on Mac or PC Support for Chrome, Safari and Firefox and IE for Reviewers Unlimited projects Unlimited pages per project Multiple designs per page.

He earned rpotoshare BBA in Finance from the University of Oregon and enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes with racing sports cars around the track. The app tier should match the licensed user tier of the Atlassian product.

Drag and drop items from your computer or the wireframe stencils library onto your canvas. The disappointing thing is that page tree and navigation is not supported in confluence plugin. Build Mobile Prototypes Quickly create interactive mobile prototypes that users can experience directy on their mobile device.

This app provides core functionality to one or more Atlassian products. Proroshare ProtoShare for Google Drive.

The only option is "create new", and there is no way to edit again the file. Red pushpins represent comments and topics of discussion on a design. You can the advanced HTML component to roll-your-own, but I agree it's easier to have something more out of the box.

Click the admin dropdown and choose Atlassian Marketplace. Andrew co-founded Site9 as an interactive agency in Your app is nice but it has some really frustrating limitations: As topics are added, participants receive email notification of a new topic with a link directly into the specific project and topic.

Was this review helpful? Mobile prototypes can also be linked to a handheld mobile device's browser for app simulation.

ProtoShare - Interactive Mockups - Version history | Atlassian Marketplace

After the licence expired, you are not able to see existing wireframes anymore. I know that doesn't help if you haven't saved the Confluence page, but thought I would put it out there.

How do I update or make changes to my account? It should be a "Export to html" menu choice.

Subsequent to Apple, Bruce held senior sales and marketing positions with several technology companies including Visioneer, MusicNet, and more. Licence model is a misunderstanding.