He's made me realize that being healthy is so much more than having a ripped body. Jamie Munroe, Nova Scotia, Canada. Stop buying into the BS marketing and myths that have been leading you down the wrong path. Workout Program The ABSanity workout program includes a full 3 phases workout program for the whole 12 weeks.

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So far, I've lost 19 lbs, and 4 inches on my waist, and I'm not stopping there. Amer has made me change my whole perspective on life itself. One thing I found very intriguing was that Absanity can be effective for all levels of physical fitness.

Robert Booda, London, UK. They must be so healthy. The rate at which your body burns calories decreases, why the heck would you want to do that? Megan King, Owen Sound, Canada.

Myself, having started at the lowest level of physical fitness, and smoking and even drinking from time to time, I've made incredible improvements in only 7 basanity weeks.

Some weeks I will send you videos on cheat meals, other week's ill send you videos on how to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. I know you'll love them, but if you did not get the results expected we will give you a refund, but we know you will if you stick to the plan. I started asanity Absanity program just a little over 7 weeks ago, and week by week I've noticed major improvements in my overall physique and more importantly my energy and well-being.

Absanitu Guide In the grocery guide you will have a full grocery-shopping list, which entails everything you need to eat broken down into sections according to the type of food. Myth 2 I must cut out all carbs if I want to get ripped.

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Lately, there has been an obsession with getting flat abs or a bigger butt, but where did all this come from, and why is it the latest fad? For years and years the fitness, health and bodybuilding world have been leading you in the WRONG direction.

I know some of you out there still believe that having a six pack means you are the pinnacle of health. Absanity has taught me absamity to eat cleaner, make better decisions unrelated to fitness, improve my relationship with my wife, and overall has made me a whole new person that I didn't even know existed.

I decided to quit smoking and start making the necessary changes to start living a more healthy lifestyle, and that's where I came across Amer The Hammer's Absanity program. Sbsanity looking forward to what Amer The Hammer will come out with next and believe me I'm more than prepared for it now that I'm a major step ahead with Absanity.

Email Support For the next 12 weeks you will be able to email me and ask me any questions that you may have.

Stop the Ab-sanity! Abs of Steel Don’t Always Equal Health

You don't need to spend hours in the gym per day, you don't need to eat, train, and live like a bodybuilder, lets leave that for the bodybuilders. I know you'll love it once you start doing the workouts.

The book is an easy read for anybody to understand, straight to the point with no filler content. In the 's a famous scientist related heart disease with a high fat diet. This is why so many foods and marketing campaigns tell you to eat foods that are "low fat".

Official Absanity | Amer The Hammer's Absanity

I must admit, at first it was a challenge jumping from unhealthy habits to making the right dietary decisions and being physically active. Absanity - 1 Fat Loss Guide ABSanity is a step by step guide that covers everything from having the right mindset, how to customize your own meal plan with the 5 Phases of the Day system, which supplements to take, a full cardio program, and much much more.

The worst part is that once the absanty is over, you will end up gaining even more weight then you lost, which will make you heavier then when you started the diet. Cutting all carbs out will result in your body entering a catabolic state where your body burns muscle and stores fat.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This marketing tactic was used to appeal to the masses, to lure women in that don't want to lift heavy. The easiest way to melt off the fat is by increasing your metabolism by following the High Intensity Power Training method formulated by Amer the Hammer. Jamie Munroe, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I recommend anyone, whether in shape or out of shape, to take the Absanity challenge, because its totally changed qbsanity life and I'm extremely confident that it would change yours too. I must look for "low fat" and "no fat" foods.

Foods that claim to be low fat are substituted with high sugar, which will result in even more fat gain.