John bevere affabel

Heather Saylor rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Return to Book Page. A humbling and eye-opening experience!

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The city was enormous, with a landmass of approximately two hundred square miles. This is incredibly convicting and challenges your faith.

Charity, the main and not-so-benevolent protagonist of this audio drama, goes to heaven Affabel with several of her friends.

Affabel: Window of Eternity: Awaken Your Soul

The audio drama is very well done, the choices for voices of the characters was excellent. In saying that, I feel that Christians should understand how their beliefs are perceived by non-believers. But that never happens, and Charity's indifference makes her very unlikable. The dramatized CD of Resc A trapped father.

It's not enough to just believe in Jesus, you must also live for Him consistently When I first started, I was afraid. Churches are so afraid to say what the Bible says in fear of losing mem This is an audio allegory.

Oh my goodness, great book, it seriously makes you think and relect. To affabe, it, click here. Lists with This Book. If this audio CD doesn't make you examine where you are spiritually, your heart has to be hard.

Affabel - Part - 1 by MessengerIntl | Messenger Intl | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The best audiobook Uohn heard so far. The ten years in the School of Endel were to prepare students for the life ahead of them. This area was known as the Regal Center.

To this end, his resources have been translated into over 90 languages, and millions of copies have been given away to pastors and leaders worldwide. Shady Sanad rated it really liked it May 07, At birth, the children of the citizens of Affabel were brought immediately to the province of Endel.

It brings out the things that we might have known, but jobn The King will separate the sheep from the goats, for example. I loved this, its very good quality and is linked to John Bevere's book driven by eternity.

At the age of fifteen, they would have a short season to apply all they had been taught. Dagon aka Satan was a bit weird and the name Dagon kept reminding me of Elder Scrolls I realized Jesus told stories to communicate spiritual truths to people.

The production came together in such a powerful way that some who listened to it have given away hundreds and even thousands of copies. Jul 22, Anne rated it it was amazing.

A humbling and eye-opening experience! Preview — Affabel by John Bevere. His desire is to support the local church and resource leaders regardless of location, language, or financial position.

They would play a portion each day and I found myself leaving work later and driving slower just to catch it. The fruit was not merely delicious and lovely to behold; it also had within its fragrant flesh the power of the miraculous.

Four CDs for a total of 2 hours' listening experience. This enchanted city was presided over by a remarkable king named Jalyn. These were the ones skilled in the creative arts of music, writing, artwork, and design.

This large neighborhood is where the king resided and spent most of his time. It was biblically founded leaving none of the hard stuff out. It doesn't matter how much we go to church, how much religious jargon we know, how many religious songs we sing, how many religious books and tapes we listen to, if we have truly not submitted to God, we will be in for a rude awakening when we approach the throne of God.